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Vertebral misalignment

Instability of the spine caused by intervertebral disc degeneration, congenital malformations or trauma can lead to rotation, dislocation or translation of vertebrae (misalignment).

From AVOM viewpoint the condition of an animal is considered abnormal when the vertebrae are misaligned along the longitudinal axis or with deviations in the ventro-dorsal and lateral (in AVOM termed dextro-sinistral) axes. In addition, the position of a vertebra is considered misaligned if the transverse processes of the vertebrae are not parallel to each other, with difference in the level or muscle tone on either side of the vertebra. A misalignment of skeletal components can cause loss of function, movement limitations and pain. Aharon Veterinary Orthomanual Medicine was designed and is used to correct misaligned vertebrae and joints, thereby restoring the original position and function.