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Aharon Veterinary Orthomanual Medicine: AVOM

The focus of orthomanual medicine is on normal positions of components of the skeleton and symmetry in the spine. A misalignment of skeletal components can cause loss of function, movement limitations and pain. The aim of orthomanipulation is to correct misaligned vertebrae and joints, thereby restoring the original position and function. Stemmed from differences in constitution, pathology, centre of gravity and distribution of forces in quadrupeds when compared to humans, Dr. Aharon designed: Orthomanual Medicine - Aharon Method (AVOM).

In AVOM, the entire animal is examined and treated, with focus on the symptoms. Aharon Method is solely practiced by licenced and experienced veterinary surgeons, who have successfully completed the internal additional two to three year AVOM training and are registered with the Dutch Association for Veterinary Orthomanual Medicine (NVOMD).