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Orthomanual veterinary medicine

Dorit C. Aharon, DVM, developed her orthomanual therapy method for animals with orthopaedic and neurological problems involving the spine, joints and/or musculoskeletal system. The method, also called orthomanipulation, is non-invasive and animal-friendly. The main diagnostic tools are inspection and palpation, focused on the symmetry of the spine and positions of the joints and components of the skeleton.

Pets with vertebral and joint misalignment can experience pain, contracture, and functional limitations. Dr Aharon identifies and adjusts misalignments, to allow the spine and joints to regain a more optimal anatomical position. That allows the nervous system to recover and promotes relaxation of muscular spasms. This method has been proven effective in many animals, over more than 20 years of research and experience.

The Aharon Method has been demonstrated effective for treating pets with a spectrum of neurological and orthopaedic complaints as well as for preventive purposes, for example in service and working animals, puppies and senior pets.

Dr Aharon is currently retired, the clinic is no longer available. This website will be kept active indefinitely for information about the Aharon Method. And as a referral for people looking for an orthomanual veterinarian.

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Dorit C. Aharon, DVM

In 2001, Dr Aharon was the first veterinarian in the Netherlands to combine knowledge of human orthomanual medicine with veterinary science. Her orthomanipulation method was developed specifically for animals. Animals differ from people in terms of stature, syndromes, point of gravity and weight distribution on four feet. Thanks to the pioneering work of Dorit C. Aharon, DVM, pets with complaints of the musculoskeletal system or nervous system now have a non-invasive, animal-friendly avenue to find help. This method, the Aharon Method, has been proven effective in many animals, over more than 20 years of research and experience.

As of June 2022, Dr Aharon is retired. After years of working as an orthomanual veterinarian, she is now enjoying a well-deserved rest.

Back to the Clinic

With this comprehensive book, veterinarians Frederique Bavelaar and Dorit C. Aharon give us an invaluable reference for orthomanual veterinary medicine. The book provides a detailed introduction to the field of orthomanual veterinary medicine and what it entails. It offers practical guidance on the clinical examination, anatomy, pathophysiology, orthopaedics and neurology.

With contributions from several European colleagues: Ángel María Hernández Guerra (Prof, DVM, PhD), Franck Forterre (Prof, DVM, DECVS), Laurent Garosi (DVM, DECVN, MRCVS), Paul Mandigers (DVM, PhD, DECVN) and I. M. (Inge) van Geijlswijk (PharmD, PhD).

“Without a doubt, mobility-related pathologies in our patients is a group of diseases that generates difficulties when it comes to classifying them into one type of aetiology or another.

‘Back to the Clinic’ facilitates the work of the clinician by compiling in a single work the clinical foundations of the two main systems involved in these pathologies, the musculoskeletal system and the nervous system. The book takes a highly applied approach, with a wealth of illustrations and practical information. It is a guide worth having available in our practice.”

Joaquín Sopena Juncosa, DVM, PhD, Full Professor of Small Animal Surgery
Dean of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
Cardenal Herrera CEU University

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