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Orthomanual veterinary medicine

When your pet cannot move freely, orthomanipulation can be a solution. Dorit Aharon developed an orthomanipulation method specifically for animals. Orthomanipulation focusses on the treatment of complaints concerning the musculoskeletal system. Orthomanipulation assumes symmetry of the spine and addresses the problem at first through small changes in the position of the bones. Vertebral and joint misalignment can cause pain, contracture, and problems in functioning. The goal of orthomanipulation is to correct the vertebral and joint misalignment, thereby allowing the spine to adjust to a normal position and the nervous system to recover itself. Experiences drawn from current practice demonstrate that this method works very well on animals. Currently this is also scientifically researched.

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In 2001, Dr. Aharon (DVM) was the first one to combine knowledge from orthomanual medicine with veterinary science. She developed the Aharon method. Animals differ from people in stature, syndromes, point of gravity and the distribution of their weight on 4 feet. Thanks to the work of Dr. Aharon, nowadays, pets with complaints concerning the musculoskeletal system or nervous system can be helped.

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