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What Dr Aharon means to us

I have had a service dog since September 14, 2007. I got Berry from the Dutch Association of Service Dogs – Stichting Hulphond. She helps me in my everyday life and signals when I’m dizzy. Berry is also trained as a guide dog for the blind.


In 2009, Berry hurt his neck when we were on the bus. She was first treated by our vet, who later referred her to Dr Aharon. I know Dr Aharon from my earlier work. She is the first orthomanual vet in the Netherlands. She did some very good work in Amsterdam before. I was happy our vet sent us to see her. After two treatments, the position of Berry’s neck vertebrae were adjusted, which improved her quality of life. Berry can perform her work again, except for a few of the heavier tasks. Dr Aharon gave Berry a better harness, too, one that doesn’t bother her neck. It is a good sign that Berry is always happy to go into her clinic!


Aad and Berry Lok

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