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Recently we bought a new Bordeaux Dog puppy (Chinook) to keep our 7.5 years old Bordeaux Dog Yuna company after the loss of our other dog Maciste. After a week they got used to each other, and Yuna became happier, playful and even displayed motherly behaviour. In September of 2010 she made a turn and immediately screamed loudly. After that she limped and had an arched back. The next day we went to our vet, who suspected a cruciate ligament straining or rupture. He gave us painkillers and the advice to keep Yuna calm for two weeks.

But after one week, Yuna only got worse, couldn't stand straight, and almost couldn't walk anymore (we had to hold her up with a towel under her belly). We kind of said goodbye to Yuna already, but our vet advised us to visit dr. Aharon for orthomanual therapy. We made an appointment, and after careful examination, dr. Aharon concluded that Yuna had had a spinal cord infarct. She treated Yuna by realigning her vertebrae, and she gave us a special pair of shorts with handles to make it easier to carry her. This way Yuna was allowed to walk a bit to regain strength in her hind leg.


Yuna improved her walking, and after another treatment, medication for one of her inflamed toes, and good care she was getting better and better. Now, Yuna has regained 60% of her ability to walk en will hopefully improve another 15%. She will always have to take it easy, but we can see that she is so much happier now. What a difference compared to a couple of months ago! Last week we visited dr. Aharon again and she was as happy and surprised as we are that Yuna had recovered so quickly.

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