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Direct aid in case of acute pain, paralysis or acute lameness?


Consult your own veterinarian first

Consult your nearest (own) veterinarian first. Your veterinarian can give you first aid.


2: Make an appointment, we will try to help your animal as soon as possible.

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After general, orthopaedic, and neurological examination, Dr. Aharon will, if necessary, treat your dog according to the orthomanual method. With this treatment, a misalignment of the vertebrae and/or joints will be corrected. If your dog or cat is in pain, is limping, is paralyzed, has difficulty walking, standing, jumping or climbing stairs, the reason for this is, among others, a misalignment of the vertebrae and joints. A treatment consists of an average of three appointments. After the first treatment, you will come back for check-up/follow-up treatment in two week’s time. After three months you will again return for a final check-up. This protocol may vary depending on the severity of the symptoms of your dog or cat.


You pay €108,- for the intake (including VAT, excluding any medication). During the intake, your dog will be examined and treated if necessary. The second and third time a consultation costs €94,- (including VAT, excluding any medication). You can pay with either pin or in cash. A group discount of 10% is possible. There are insurers that insure an orthomanual treatment. PET plan, Ohra and Proteq are examples. Always carefully read your insurer’s conditions.

For more information call: (0031) 172-407603.

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