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Osteoarthritis is the end stage of all joint diseases and joint injuries, such as (sub)luxation, congenital or acquired misalignment, infectious arthritis, and osteochondrosis dissecans. It is the most common type of arthritis in humans and animals. Osteoarthritis is characterized by progressive, degenerative changes in and around the joint; cartilage erosion, bone proliferation on bone edges (osteophytes), sclerosis of subchondral bone, ossifications in ligament and tendon insertions or the joint capsule, and inflammation of surrounding structures. Many factors contribute to the origin and development of osteoarthritis, for example age, nutrition, breed, genetic predisposition, (micro)trauma or mechanical overloading of the joint and obesity.

Osteoarthritis can result in pain, decreased mobility and lameness. Articular cartilage erosions develop long before osteoarthritis becomes manifest on radiographies and clinically as pain and lameness. Therefore, early detection and effective treatment of osteoarthritis is difficult and requires a thorough clinical examination.

When osteoarthritis is caused by vertebral or joint misalignments, correction by Aharon Veterinary Orthomanual treatment can delay and, in some cases prevent osteoarthritis formation.