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Osteopathy is a manual therapeutic system according to the teachings of Andrew Still, who assumed that reduced movement of certain body tissues have an adverse effect on health. The osteopath applies soft handles to restore mobility and subsequently, the natural healing process. The basic principle is that the body is a unity. The three systems: the musculoskeletal system, the organ system and the craniosacral system, are inextricably linked. There is no scientific basis for the theory or effectiveness of osteopathy.

In the Netherlands, there is a three-year course (two days per month) for osteopathy in horses and dogs for veterinarians, humane osteopaths and physiotherapists.

The Aharon Orthomanual Veterinarian training consists of an internal two to three years education, with 1 to 2 practice days a week, supplemented by self-study and specialized courses.

From AVOM viewpoint osteopathy is a type of manual therapy and is based on entirely different methods and principles than AVOM.