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Hip dysplasia (HD)

Abnormal development of the hip joint, in which instability leads to subluxation and osteoarthritis. The cause of HD is multifactorial and includes: heredity, abnormal mechanical loading, and rapid growth. Symptoms often occur at a young age because of instability, and in older animals because of progressive degenerative changes and osteoarthritis. Up to the age of 8 months HD can be surgically treated with triple pelvic osteotomy. Femoral head excision is a surgical treatment option in small dogs and cats. Here, a pseudo-joint is created by fibrosis between the femur and the pelvis. A third surgical option is the total hip replacement. Although HD is a progressive disease, many patients can be treated conservatively with an acceptable result (adapted exercise, anti-inflammatory medication, joint supplements).

In AVOM a subluxation of the hip, if present, corrected. In addition, the necessary aftercare is provided.