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Post-trauma treatment
Vizsla Mizska after a car accident

I ran into my 6-year-old dog, Vizsla Mizska, with my car. At first, I didn’t think she was hurt. She didn’t yelp when it happened. The only sign that the accident had affected her was now she always stayed behind the car when we were near it.

Three months after the collision, she started limping on her right foreleg. The vet diagnosed her with a twisted ankle, or something similar, and gave her a super strong painkiller. The discomfort seemed under control.

Vizsla Mizska

About two weeks later, realising she was still not walking properly and would lift up her right leg every so often, I decided to consult a back specialist. That is when I found the orthomanual vet, Dr Aharon in Noorden. Mizska, who normally does all she can to avoid humans in white coats, certainly when they come in pairs (Dr Aharon was working with an intern), felt immediately relieved and carefree after the first treatment, pouncing around in circles like a puppy. As happy as can be, we returned home. Even her skin felt more relaxed after her treatment.

It turns out that she had other problems hiding under the surface, colouring her life in shades of grey. Following the car collision and the back injury from it, I realised later that she had a discomfort in her elbow and shoulder, walking up and down stairs, or jumping into the car. All this was resolved with a rear-support sling made to measure just for her. I used it to help her climb the stairs. The result was that Vizsla was ready, once more, to take the world in stride.

We visited Dr Aharon for a final check-up, at which we could conclude that everything was still fine. I felt ashamed for not noticing her injury and not taking her to an orthomanual vet three months earlier, because I myself rush to my orthomanual doctor whenever I feel the slightest pain.

You do wonderful work. The consultation alone is worthwhile as a positive experience for dogs who are not fans of humans in white coats!

Mr H. Van Ditmarsch

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