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Our British Shorthair Loesje and her back problems

Our British Shorthair, Loesje (age 8), got sick in the spring of 2010, although it was not clear exactly what was the matter with her. After different tests, our vet admitted that all the medication and injections had failed and no conclusive diagnosis could be made. As for us, we had long suspected that Loesje had back problems, because it was hard for her to walk, she couldn’t jump out of bed anymore and she had trouble climbing stairs. Because of all this, she walked less and spent most of her day lying in one quiet place. We could clearly see that she was in pain and that she was not happy. But the vet couldn’t find anything. The two specialists we saw couldn’t help either, even though they gave her all kinds of medication and shots, and did x-rays and scans over a period of months.


In the summer we changed vets. The new one – who was also a homeopath – listened carefully to our story and proceeded by examining the back problem. He noticed that Loesje had hip dysplasia, which caused an imbalance in her vertebrae.

Since Loesje had already received so much medication, we were wary about giving her new pills. The mere act of giving her the medication was uncomfortable for her that she started avoiding us more and more. Still, we continued giving her painkillers all these months because we saw they enabled her to walk better, at least for a little while.

Later, we came upon Dr Aharon. She told us honestly, from the onset, that she couldn’t guarantee that Loesje would ever get better. In the following months we visited her something like five times, for adjustment of her vertebrae’s positioning (these were very short treatments, that Loesje only felt briefly when the vertebrae were being manipulated).


We realised, in the following weeks, that her condition was improving. Very gradually, she was becoming more flexible and moving more. She also sought more contact with us.

In March 2011 we visited Dr Aharon for the last time. This time, we also received a number of glucosamine tablets made by Seraquin, which were good for her bones and muscles. “See if she is willing to eat this and if it helps”, Dr Aharon told us. Luckily, she did like them. They were like a treat for her.

We are convinced that Dr Aharon’s treatment, along with the Seraquin tablets, had a very good effect on Loesje. She moves sufficiently again, jumps on the table and runs after butterflies in the yard. We have decided to continue giving her Seraquin (a 100% natural product) and we are happy that Dr Aharon told us about them.

We are fortunate to have a happy cat again! In hindsight, we would have liked to have found Dr Aharon earlier. That would have saved Loesje a lot of suffering and us a lot of worry and unnecessary costs. I recommend Dr Aharon without hesitation. She has her own philosophy, and she pays attention to what the owners of the sick animal have to say. This, together her with golden fingers, did us a great service!

Mr De Jong

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