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Perky Leentje, the Dachshund

Dear Dr. Aharon, we wish to thank you once more for everything you did for our Dachshund.

Dear Dr Aharon, we thank you once more for everything you did for our Dachshund. We came to see you for the first time last year. Our long-haired Dachshund Leentje, then aged 4, was suffering from a hernia. Her hind end was completely paralysed. It was heart breaking to see! Our vet couldn’t help her anymore. The only option we had left was to get an MRI scan at the animal clinic in Utrecht, and depending on the results, decide whether to operate.

We wanted to find other alternatives. As members of the Dutch Dachshund Club, we got in touch with Mrs Velleman, who directed us to you. Without knowing what to expect, we drove to see you in Noorden.

You told us that Leentje had a pretty hefty hernia. Three of her vertebrae were skewed. The day after you did your adjustments on her, I saw her move her tail a bit. That was already a miracle! The following day, the tail moved even more. Each day brought improvement. That gave us hope! We were spellbound. After a few days, she was using one of her hind legs, and a couple of days later she was using both. She regained control of her bladder and could poop again. I helped her by holding a scarf under her belly for support. After 14 days we came back to see you. By that time, she could already walk a little. Since then, her condition has continued to improve.

We can’t believe our joy! Last time we visited you, it was April, Friday the 13th. For many people, this is an unlucky date, but not for us. Leentje had recovered! Naturally, we always have to be careful with her, but she’s back to her normal, happy, perky Dachshund self.


Perky Leentje can walk again.


She can scratch herself again too! Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts. From us and our Dachshund friend!

The Suppers Family

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