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Indications for Aharon orthomanual veterinary medicine


  • orthopaedic pati├źnts;
    1. young and old cripple animals (acute or chronic);
    2. animals with arthrosis and Degenerative Joint Disease.
  • neurological patients;
    1. patients with Intervertebral Disc Disease and hernia;
    2. patients with weakness in the fore- or hind limbs;
    3. patients with neck-, back- and lower back pain;
    4. patients with Lumbosacral Stenosis/instability.
  • animals with behavioral problems like restlessness, anxiety and aggression (may be related to pain);
  • orthomanual sport check-up of working- or sporting dogs (preventive);
  • orthomanual puppy check-up and examination (preventive and educative).


Pain in the neck, back and fore- and hind limbs is common in animals. Pain, lameness, paralysis, difficulty to get up, going up and down the stairs, and jumping (for example into the car) can be attributed to, amongst other things, misalignment of the vertebrae and joints. With this kind of misalignment, the portion of the nervous system around the misaligned vertebra (or joint) is irritated, leading to pain and loss of function. Some behavioral abnormalities, as in the case of fearful, restless or aggressive dogs, can sometimes be ascribed to a (correctable) misalignment of the vertebrae.

Method of treatment

The method of treatment is to correct the misalignment, thereby allowing the spine to adjust to a normal position and the nervous system to recover itself. One or two treatments are often sufficient. A check-up after 3 months is advisable.