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Our Dachshund Cas was attacked by a large dog during his daily walk. The dog grabbed him by his neck and shook him roughly. On the outside, no injury was apparent, but two days later Cas could hardly step out of his cage, and walking was very hard for him. All he wanted to do was lay down, and he shook over his whole body. You could see in his eyes that he was in a lot of pain. Later that day, he improved, and could even run again. But the next day, the functioning of his hind legs got worse and worse. We took him to our vet, who diagnosed a hernia and gave Cas medication and the advice to rest.


On the internet we read about orthomanual therapist Dr Aharon, who is very experienced in treating Dachshunds. Dr Aharon diagnosed a grade 3 hernia (with 5 being the worst), and found 3 vertebrae that were misaligned. She adjusted the vertebrae using orthomanipulation and prescribed complete rest. She also recommended a set of exercises that we had to do with Cas six times a day. We also had to gradually reduce the medication.

Cas improved, and at the next appointments, Dr Aharon concluded he was progressing very well and his vertebrae were still in the right position. We were advised to gradually build up his fitness, but to keep Cas from jumping and climbing stairs. Now, almost a year later, Cas is completely healthy again, thanks to Dr Aharon.

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